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First Blush Pink Mineral Lip Gloss


First Blush Pink is a beautiful, youthful pink lip gloss with undertones of warm coral and hints of cool white sparkle. Three sizes of mica have been blended together for optimum shimmer and depth, enhancing the natural color of your lips. This is a mica-based, shimmery gloss and not a dye or stain, so the color is very sheer. Add a touch to your bottom lip for a natural, soft shimmer or apply a few layers to both lips for a deeper hue. This gloss is safe for both lips and eyes, so have fun experimenting!

Coverage: Light & Buildable

Formula: The micas are suspended in my own special blend of natural vegetable oils and pure white beeswax. Ample amounts of shea and cocoa butter condition lips while olive oil adds antioxidants and coconut oil adds shine. Palm oil has been added for depth and smoothness, and the overall blend is soft and creamy. Please note this is not a vegan formulation, as it does contain beeswax.

Size & Packaging: Each lipstick comes in a slim lip balm tube full of lots of long-lasting gloss, this cute little tube is the perfect size for your purse, jeans pocket, or airplane travel.

Ingredients: Olive oil, palm oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, mica, fractionated coconut oil, coconut oil

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