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Water Scents in Depth

  Having grown up by the ocean, some of my absolute favorite fragrances center around that deep, briney aroma that comes hand-in-hand with northern beaches. This shows through in the Blushie scent collection--I offer four fragrances based around water in all of its permutations. But each one is its own creature, and if you’ve ever wondered about the differences, here they are: Dust After Rain: This is the least watery of the four. The technical name for this scent is petrichor. Petrichor is an interesting little scent, because it’s a mix of two natural phenomenons. When drought plants enter the...

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A Fond Farewell to the Concourse

Soaps in a Row   This year was our fourth year with Bizarre Bazaar, now called San Francisco Bazaar, and our third year at the Concourse Exhibition Center. The Concourse was a former railway yard, and though it wasn't much to look at from the outside, the elongated layout made it perfect for festivals. Running along both sides of the center aisle were massive wooden beams dotted with bright lights, reminiscent of over-sized Christmas lights, giving the place a dreamy glow. It was often cold at the Concourse, and the carpet had seen better days, but ultimately it was fun...

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First Show of the Season

This past weekend we kicked off the Holiday show season at the always lovely Bedford Gallery! Not many pictures to be had, we were too busy drinking cider and talking soap. :)

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