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Pumpkin Patch Purview

autumn pumpkin


It’s October already, and if my social media feeds are anything to go by that means it’s pumpkin spiced latte season. Though the temperature here in California (my slice of it, at least) is lingering near the 80’s, I’m still breaking out the scarves and boots. Autumn is an amazing season - and here at Blushie we keep some autumn favorites on hand year-round.

These staples of autumn are:

Sweet Pumpkin

Hands-down my most popular autumn scent, this delicious blend of sweet cream, cinnamon, pumpkin puree and a dash of clove is available as a soap, perfume, and candle. This is a strong, bold scent that is heavy on the spice but doesn’t ignore the sweet. As a soap bar, the spice notes bloom while dry - but as soon as you get it wet the sweet-earthy pumpkin notes come out to play. In my opinion it’s at its best in a candle, and dangerously delicious as a perfume (warning: does not taste as good as it smells).

Apple Pumpkin

If you’re looking for a twist on classic pumpkin, this is for you. Heavier on clove than cinnamon, this pumpkiny soap is loaded with crisp apple and just a hint of warm, buttery sweetness. This is less of a “foodie” scent than the Sweet Pumpkin, as the heavier clove and tart apple-skin notes nudge it toward the floral end of the spectrum.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

As if Blushie lip balms weren’t addicting enough, this flavor will make you almost compulsive in applying it. Rich, spicy pumpkin mingles with a hint of ginger and the tang of sweet cream.

Apple Cider

Crisp and refreshing, one deep breath of this soap will transport you into a room full of aging oak barrels heaped with bushels of green apple. It’s unapologetically tart, with a warm center of woody oak and a hint of mulling spices. Ultimately delicious and transportive. Recommended for those who prefer the less sweet side of autumn.

Enchanted Apple

Veering away from the domain of spice, we have a magical blend of crisp green apple and sweet, decadent caramel. It is sweet but balanced - red apple notes mellow out the middle of the aroma. Strong in both soap and perfume form, this is one of my all time favorite scents for any season.


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