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Water Scents in Depth


Having grown up by the ocean, some of my absolute favorite fragrances center around that deep, briney aroma that comes hand-in-hand with northern beaches. This shows through in the Blushie scent collection--I offer four fragrances based around water in all of its permutations. But each one is its own creature, and if you’ve ever wondered about the differences, here they are:

Dust After Rain:

This is the least watery of the four. The technical name for this scent is petrichor. Petrichor is an interesting little scent, because it’s a mix of two natural phenomenons. When drought plants enter the dry season, they release a mix of oils into the surrounding soil to inhibit new germination and one of the chemicals in the mix is called geosim. This is an earthy, resinous aroma chemical all on its own. Later, when the first rains of the season fall, the water mixes with geosim and earth creating the scent we know as petrichor.


This is the “warmest” of the water scents. One of the really fascinating phenomena in the natural world is that the ozone layer smells almost exactly like geranium leaves. If you ever want to sniff the real deal to see for yourself (without killing yourself--natural ozone is a poisonous gas!) you’re going to have to wait for a lightning strike. Lighting is the primary producer of ozone gas in our world, and part of what keeps our ozone layer going strong. Now that I’ve rambled on a bit about what an “ozone note” means, Rainfall is an aroma that centers primarily around ozone. It was white floral notes to kick off with, followed by deep blue ozone and a hint of green geranium leaf to double-down on that proper “ozone” experience. It’s fresh, and light.

Seaberry: [Currently Discontinued] 

If you like your fragrances to have a sweet side, this the perfume for you. Seaberry has been described by one excited customer as “smelling just like the color aqua!” and I’d have to agree. It has ozone, and brine, but it’s rounded out with a titch of guava and warmed up with a bit of awapuhi--a fancy type of ginger. Now if you’re not a fan of ginger, I’d still suggest giving this one a try anyway. The awapuhi note is very subtle, and is primarily there to round out the sweetness of the guava. This is the lightest on the ozone, and overall one of the softer scents in the whole collection. It’s a really great spring/summer fragrance.

The Oncoming Storm:

This is the blue-ist of the blues. It’s focus is a briney core that’s rounded out by a strong ozone note. This is a real northern coast smell--think rocky shores and crashing storms moreso than southern stretches of sun-warmed sands. The scent is grounded in tonka bean, which adds an earthy sweetness that is reminiscent of moss. Don’t let that hint of sweetness fool you--this isn’t a sweet scent at all, nor does it lean too heavily on the ozone notes. Overall it is fresh and deep, making it a perfect unisex scent.


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