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January's Scent of the Month: Snowfall

scent of the month

Snowfall The Holidays may have passed, but it's still chilly outside! Celebrate winter with fresh, bright spearmint, peppermint, and coconut-inspired sweetness. To receive monthly coupons good towards 15% off the scent of the month, sign up for the newsletter!     Book of the Month An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth A fun, non-fiction adventure filled with great advice to help you kick off your New Year! 

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December's Scent of the Month: Citrus Balsam

Citrus Balsam Fresh and pine-laden, this scent is a blend of woodsy balsam with a generous squeeze of ruby red grapefruit. The perfect scent for winter celebrations! To receive monthly coupons good towards 15% off the scent of the month, sign up for the newsletter!     Book of the Month The Secret of Chanel No. 5An in-depth look at the history of the world's most famous perfume. 

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Pumpkin Patch Purview

autumn pumpkin

  It’s October already, and if my social media feeds are anything to go by that means it’s pumpkin spiced latte season. Though the temperature here in California (my slice of it, at least) is lingering near the 80’s, I’m still breaking out the scarves and boots. Autumn is an amazing season - and here at Blushie we keep some autumn favorites on hand year-round. These staples of autumn are: Sweet Pumpkin Hands-down my most popular autumn scent, this delicious blend of sweet cream, cinnamon, pumpkin puree and a dash of clove is available as a soap, perfume, and candle....

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Treasury Tuesday

May 27th 2014 Dreamy by FairyfolkWeddings   What's this? A treasury is a group of handmade, vintage, or supply items curated by members of the website Etsy. Every Tuesday, I select one of my favorite treasuries featuring one of my items to display here.

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Water Scents in Depth

  Having grown up by the ocean, some of my absolute favorite fragrances center around that deep, briney aroma that comes hand-in-hand with northern beaches. This shows through in the Blushie scent collection--I offer four fragrances based around water in all of its permutations. But each one is its own creature, and if you’ve ever wondered about the differences, here they are: Dust After Rain: This is the least watery of the four. The technical name for this scent is petrichor. Petrichor is an interesting little scent, because it’s a mix of two natural phenomenons. When drought plants enter the...

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